Ed Rose's Martial Arts Academy Overview

Our martial arts classes are taekwondo based, and progress from there. Taekwondo is a very systematic martial art from Korea that involves head-height kicks, spinning, jumping, and fast kicking techniques. Many people enjoy martial arts at Ed Rose’s Martial Arts Academy because it involves more than just movement of the body, but also positive training of the spirit and mind.

Ed Rose's Martial Arts Academy Youth Martial Arts

Mr. Rose’s Martial Arts Academy offers Junior Martial Arts classes for ages 5 through 10.  This allows Mr. Rose to teach age specific drills while allowing kids to progress and enjoy themselves.

Ed Rose's Martial Arts Academy Adult Martial Arts

We can help you change you from the inside out! We have what you need…better fitness? More energy? Increased coordination? Better flexibility? Weight loss? Stress management? Mental focus and a calm mind? All of these can happen for you.

Ed Rose's Martial Arts Academy Weapons/Extreme Class

Students have the opportunity to elevate their training by participating in our Weapons/Extreme class weekly! Students in this program train with a variety of martial arts weapons – bo staff, swords, nun chucks and kamas. This class incorporates skills of tricking, advanced kicking techniques and tumbling with skillful weapons demonstrations. Our Extreme Demo Team is developed from this exciting program.

Ed Rose's Martial Arts Academy Hyper Pro Martial Arts

Hyper Pro Training is a fusion between traditional martial arts training and modern martial arts. This program is a dynamic and exciting way to learn advanced kicking techniques, acrobatics, and weapons. Students train to become quicker, more powerful, and cleaner in their martial arts techniques. This class helps students excel to the next level in their martial arts training. Students can learn new techniques and be part of the modern action life style.

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