In our academy, we offer classes for both Juniors (Ages 5-11) and Adults (12+). Our youth
program classes are high-energy, fun, and functional. Students improve their cognitive, social
skills, and physical motor skills during the most important developmental stages of their lives.
Taekwondo is a perfect activity that blends the advantages of both art and athletics. Our
taekwondo classes build confidence, self-esteem, and self-defense skills. Our philosophy and
training techniques teach students how to successfully adapt and react to various social
environments, including unexpected ones. Additionally, we teach students how to
properly protect themselves from threatening situations such as bullying at school and
stranger danger. Here are the top 10 reasons parents choose martial arts for their children:

  1. PHYSICAL FITNESS – With weekly attendance, students develop core strength and
    flexibility, improve their balance and coordination, and focus on their hand-eye
  2. SELF-DISCIPLINE – In addition to their physical fitness, parents value the personal
    discipline that students develop to restrain themselves when faced with conflict.
    Students learn how to manage their emotions and de-escalate conflicts without
    engaging in physical confrontations.
  3. SELF-DEFENSE – If physical confrontation is the only option, students gain the skills to
    protect themselves when there is no other option for avoiding conflict.
  4. MEDIA INFLUENCE – Many children want to be like their favorite martial arts
    superheroes – such as the Power Rangers or the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! While
    they are fun to emulate, they also provide wholesome role models with strong
    character values for children to follow. Our tenets of taekwondo – honor, courtesy,
    integrity, perseverance, self-control, courage, community, strength, humility, and
    knowledge – teach children these core values.
  5. BULLY PREVENTION – We teach bully awareness & defense on many types of bullying –
    physical, social, emotional, and cyberbullying. It is a prevalent problem in our society
    that can have devastating results. Students learn to recognize bullying behavior and
    the skills to deal with it.
  6. TEAM SPORTS ALTERNATIVE – Our taekwondo classes provide students with an equal
    opportunity to advance their skills, since no one ever “sits the bench” like in some
    team sports. Martial arts focuses on individual goals and achievements rather than on
    the pressure to compete as a team.
  7. EASE OF PARTICIPATION – Martial arts offers families the option to choose their class
    days & times that work best with their schedule. We offer multiple class times per
    week to choose from and there is no penalty for students who miss a parcular class.
  8. AFFORDABILITY – Participation in many sport actvities requires not only a large
    financial commitment, but often involve heavy travel commitments for tournaments
    and practices as well as parent volunteer requirements. Our monthly tuition is
    affordable, and we even offer discounts for multiple family members, so students of all
    ages can train together in our family classes.
  9. GOAL SETTING & ATTAINMENT – Goal-seeing is inherent in martial arts training.
    Students progress through our belt ranks by our belt exam process, learning the
    required material for each belt level and seeing goals to improve their skills at each
    level. In addition to martial arts goals, we emphasize academic goal seeing by
    encouraging students to participate in reading challenges, and partner with their
    school teacher to encourage martial arts discipline in the classroom with their
    behavior and school work.
  10. CONVENIENCE – Students today have a tremendous amount of schoolwork and
    parents are busier than ever before. Offering multiple classes per week for each rank
    provides families with the flexibility in their schedule to choose the classes each week
    that work best for them